Friday, October 3, 2014

Countdown to Halloween : 31 Days of Halloween Art : Day 3

I doodled this little mutant frog last night.  I will do some digital coloring and be back later today to add the spiffed up version.

I have a trip to the dentist today ... (how's that for some October frights).   Maybe I'll just close my eyes and think about the Little Shop of Horrors (or the remake Little Shop of Horrors).  I love them both!
Here I am back with my mutant froggy ... and I survived the dentist!  I am all set ... So,
Bring on the Halloween Candy!!

3 days down ~ 28 more days till Halloween!


Giuseppe Balestra (MaximaFobia) said...

Do one in my style!

cheryl said...

Well ... not quite as lovely or detailed as your style, but my next post has a bit more ink work.