Thursday, January 17, 2013

S is for ...

snake : I haven't doodled much lately, so I opened one of my doodle inspiration books to a random page & it said to open a magazine to a random page (odd coincidence) and draw something related to a word or picture on that page. 

Anyhow ... the letter "S" was featured on a greeting card, which led to my snake on a post-it.

S is also for snowflake, which I may be seeing tonight.  The temperature was 53 when I woke up this morning & now is 38!  Rain, rain, rain for days ... & maybe a bit of snow tonight.

Also recently finished are pages in another "Paper Bag Book" for the swap/round robin I am playing in:

For this "circus" themed paper bag book, I completed pages of mixed media with printed images, scraps and punches of colored paper, stamping, some hand stitching, a little pen work, a cotton candy charm, pink felt (cotton candy), and lots of glitter glue (too bad you can't see the sparkle in the photos).  I also tied colorful fibers and some shrinky dink elephant charms to the book.