Saturday, June 21, 2014

Art-a-thon Weekend

It's time for another art-a-thon weekend over at  This one is called the "Summer Solstice a-thon".

An art-a-thon is an online gathering where artists make art (any type - drawing, painting, collage, etc..) around the clock and around the world - ATCs (artist trading cards), inchies, chunky book pages, and anything else they have a whim to make.  Lots of fun and inspiration.

Most artists opt to trade their art with each other, and it often becomes a whirlwind.
I haven't participated in an art-a-thon for a long time, so I thought I would jump right in.  I have already made 3 ATCs and several inchies this weekend.

I'm already caught up in the frenzied trading this weekend:

My closest trade so far: Tennessee
My farthest trade so far: Indonesia

After the weekend is over ... there is the happy anticipation of receiving art in the mail.  fun, fun fun!