Sunday, July 26, 2020

Art-a-thon July 26th through 29th

Shy Octopus Comes to Visit
There is an Art-a-Thon going on right now at!  The Art-a-Thon will be running through July 29th.   You do need to be a member of the website to participate (free free always free).  The members are all very nice and happy to help you get started.

This is a "Challenge Art-a-thon", which means that there is a list of challenges to do (themes and such), and points are awarded - so it is a little competitive.  

The ATC above was drawn in pen and markers.  I had a challenge to depict the words octopus, shy, and to visit on the project.  I think it turned out pretty cute. 

Next I made this 4" x 4" chunky page using some blind drawing of cats, acrylic paint, Indian ink pen, glitter gel pen, washi tape, paper and fabric flowers, and fibers.  

I hope I am able to find the time to participate a bit more before the Art-a-thon ends.

Friday, July 24, 2020

More Lynda Barry Exercises & Stuff

More fun with the Lynda Barry group.  The group has moved from FB to "Butt Island", where you can find challenges, a forum and fun!  You can even collect "badges" for completing exercises and stuff.

Above is a "blind draw" exercise.  You can access the list of prompts here, and there is a random number generator to select a few for you to try. 

This is a skeleton drawn blind 3 times in yellow, then orange, and then blue marker.

 We also had a scribble monster draw.  Here are my scribbles:
And here are my monsters, matched with prompted sayings:

Looking forward to drawing jams and comic creation with this crazy group of #1 Groovers!


Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Dream Bedroom

Another warm-up challenge for the facebook group "Virtually ‘Making Comics’ With(out) Lynda Barry". It is a brand new group (as stated): to self-guide a bunch of our groovy and willing selves a virtual Lynda Barry class.  

This challenge was to draw a "Dream Bedroom".  I opted to draw the Dream Bedroom of "Fluffy" (our neighbor's cat), who is basically a little princess.

If you want to draw more -or- just enjoy Lynda Barry ... come by the group for some fun eye candy and drawing challenges.