Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Doodle Fish

This is another page in my little moleskine notebook. Just for fun ... Fish doodled with watercolor markers and outlined with Indian ink.

I was inspired to doodle fish by this post. I love all of the "draw it yourself" posts in Mariannes's blog.

I wish more people would doodle their own images to use in greeting cards, scrapbooks and other projects. Using your own images just makes things more unique and special.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Page from my Moleskine

I received a cute little Moleskine notebook for Christmas and have added it to the "rotation".

About this page: I stumbled across a drawing by another artist who sectioned off the page into compartments & loved the idea so much that I had to do something similar. I filled the little nooks with whatever random items popped into my head. My drawing is sorta sloppy ~ but I like it anyway. Pen and ink colored with markers.

I am still working in my other journals and notebooks. I have several partially finished WTJ pages (sometimes they have to be a work in progress for awhile - for example: filling a page with stickers from fruit).

See more pages in my gallery here: