Friday, June 26, 2009

Give a hoot!

Just a little snippet from a page in my moleskine.

I created this little pro-recycling image from the interior of envelopes I received in the mail.   I love using patterns in my art.   The eyes of the owl are made from tiny little recycling symbols.   I used a leaf punch for the three leaves, but the rest of the pieces were cut or torn by hand.

I ran a google search on envelope security patterns, only to find a wonderful collection: The Joseph King Collection - currently numbering 139 from around the world!

And some craft ideas for reusing the envelopes:
Make Modern Paper Beads from Security Envelopes

Ooh, and here's a blog post showing a whole bunch of projects using the envelope patterns! Wonderful stuff!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I am so ...

Buddha quote: The Mind is Everything. What We Think We Become.

I love the quote.   I believe in the concept.   I feel like I have been bombarded by bad news for so long.   I really need to surround myself with positive thoughts and positive actions.

I created a border collage from magazine cut-outs.   Words stating attributes of which I wish I possessed more.   The quote was doodled in marker and pen.