Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Drawing Lab 16 : Faces

 While working on my 100 faces for the Drawing Lab prompt in Lab 16, I came up with these "continuous line" faces.

These face measure about 3" x 4", and are drawn with Faber Castell Indian ink pens.

I love to follow the line around and around with my eyes.  It has sort of a "zen" feel to me.

I will continue making faces in different styles and media, but I may make a few more of these.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Artistamp Zine

I finished this Artistamps zine for a mailart swap at Swap-Bot.  I spent several weeks working on this 8 page mini zine (I am sloooow).  Which is why I probably won't attempt the 24 page 24-hour zine thing

Anyhow ... included is a little glassine envelope filled with a small collection of my artistamps, attached in the back of the zine.  I did make a few extra copies, so am up for a trade (just holler!).

I do have lots of journal, sketchbook & doodle stuff to post ... it's just a matter of getting it scanned and posted.  (as I said ... I am sloooow).  ha-ha

Friday, July 1, 2011

International Zine Month

July is International Zine Month.    If you don't know what a "Zine" is ... check out this Wikipedia article.  Zines can be created on any topic -or- no topic at all.   Fill them with your art, photos, poetry, recipes, plans for world domination or just ramble on about whatever strikes your fancy.  I've seen them filled with mini-comics, how-to info, collections of oddities, and more.  No matter the subject - they are always fun to read.

I do plan to celebrate by making at least 1 new zine this month.   (Pictured above are my three latest zines.)

There are plenty of places to trade your zines -or- join group projects.  Try a swap-bot zine swap if you are new to zines.  It is a good way to start to build your collection and learn as you go.   We Make Zines is a great group, where you can locate sub-groups themed to whatever type of zine holds your interest.  There are group swaps & collaborations taking place all the time as well.

If you are particularly ambitious, you can sign up for the 24 Hour Zine Thing - and create a 24 page zine in a 24 hour period.  Whew!  Click the link to get all of the details.

There are Zine Fests taking place this month in several cities, so keep a lookout for one near you!