Magilla is a cheap, purple, 70 page notebook that I have been taping, gluing, doodling, coloring, and smashing in since May 2015.  Some folks call this type of notebook a gluebook.

Here is what the front cover currently looks like: (updated 22JAN17)

Why "Magilla"? Well, it is a very purple notebook, so I was going to name it after "The Great Grape Ape" ... but I wasn't sure what his name was ... so I just picked "Magilla" as in "Magilla Gorilla".

I decided to start doing this - because I am having trouble remembering things.  The days and weeks and months just fly by ... and I am forgetting the little daily things that made me smile or laugh.

I am smashing in newspaper clippings, wrappers, stubs,  stickers, found items, cutouts that I find interesting or amusing, things that people send me, etc... I try out new art supplies (and old ones).  I am making texture rubbings of things around me.  What ever strikes me in the moment.  The main thing is that I add something to it every day.

Here is what the inside front cover currently looks like: (updated 22JAN17)

 Here are a few pages:

*oh yes ... my sweetie and I just had to try the "Lemon Oreos" ... OMG! yummy! (but 80 calories per cookie)  Only "Jaws" could save me from them.  I clipped him from the Parade magazine and added some extra ripped text pages around him (from an ad for lemon cookies, BTW).

(page in progress)

More to come!

To see more Magilla pages click here! 

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