Friday, April 8, 2011

Doodles & Daydreams

Doodles and Daydreams: Your Passport for Becoming an Escape Artist tries to focus you on your hopes and dreams with a bit of fantasy and whimsy - to give you an escape from the everyday drudgery that tends to suck you in.

I picked this book up awhile back and have been completing little bits here and there. I haven't run across any other artist's postings from this book, so I thought I would share a bit of mine:

The table of contents page starts you off with a quick dot-to-dot. I was compelled to fill mine in with doodles (of course).

Here is a tiny snippet from one page...
The prompt reads: "Design a new flower bulb. What is it called? Draw here."

I will continue to post pages from this book time to time. *Feel free to share if you are also working through this book.