Saturday, April 11, 2020

more Sketchbook Revival

I managed another Sketchbook Revival workshop, "How Wild is Your Garden? Drawing and Mark-Making in Black and White" with Karen Stamper.  This is a foldout spread in which I used all types of media, including charcoal, watercolor paints and watercolor pencils, graphite, stamping, acrylic paint, and ink pen.  Messy - but fun!

I also did the workshop "The Veleveteen Rabbit: Draw and Explore Toy Rabbits" with Nina Rycroft.  So, some quickly doodled bunnies and since it is a junk journal, I junked it up a bit with stickers and tape.  The page I doodled on was an old puzzle book page that I bound into the journal.

There are still a few more workshops I want to do ... good thing that they are open for another week or so!