Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Countdown to Halloween : 31 Days of Halloween Art : Day 8

A quick little sugar skull I doodled last night.

So far, so good ... I'm pretty proud of myself for actually making it through 8 days of posting Halloween art (my last record was 6 days in a row!).  ha-ha!  I sure hope that the next 23 days go as smoothly as the first 8.

I picked up some Halloween candy this morning.  I never get any trick or treaters, but each year I dig out all of my Halloween, spooky, or odd themed games (board games, card games, Wii Spooky mini golf, etc...) and play a weekend marathon for candy and prizes with my sweetie.

I have a pretty good collection of Halloween, spooky, or odd themed games, including a few Goosebumps games, a couple of Haunted house games, 1313 Deadend Drive, Labyrinth, and even a custom Halloween art set of "Old Maid" that I traded some handmade puppets to get.

One of my favorite odd games is "Cosmic Cows ". It is a simple Yahtzee style board game with dice, aliens and cows. Simple to set-up, it's an easy to play 2 person game.

8 days down ~ 23 more days till Halloween! 

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