Saturday, October 4, 2014

Countdown to Halloween : 31 Days of Halloween Art : Day 4

Here's an oldie but a goodie ... I found this in one of my older sketchbooks from 2003. 

This drawing inspired my idea for a "haunted house book".  The book itself being a haunted house with each page a "room" designed by a different artist.   As you turn the pages, you travel through the haunted house visiting all types of rooms from attic to basement, kitchen to playroom, even including a garden and solarium, with the path leaving you in the graveyard.

I hosted the project in one of my online art groups and each artist sent me their pages (20 pages of the room they designed).  I bound the pages into books with black coil binding and finished them off with attached fibers and a skeleton key.  The pages are embellished with moving parts, pull outs, tags and whatever the artists dreamed up.  Each artist received a completed book in return - with original art by all of the artists.

I enjoyed this project so much.  Each year I pull out my book and visit the old haunted house.  You can see a bit more about the project on my hobby site here:

4 days down ~ 27 more days till Halloween!