Thursday, October 2, 2014

Countdown to Halloween : 31 Days of Halloween Art : Day 2

Doodled with Faber Castell Indian ink pens in one of my sketchbooks.

I have always been drawn to masks - especially hand carved wooden masks from around the world.  I hope to have my walls filled with them some day.

On another note related to masks:
I was handed this card yesterday.

I can't quite figure out what I am looking at, though.
I was thinking grasshopper ... or maybe some kind of mutant bunny.

I guess I would have to go to "Daddy O's Tattoo a go go" to find out.

2 days down ~ 29 more days till Halloween!


Emelie said...

I really like the mask, and it's colors! About the card, I can't figure it out either :)

cheryl said...

Thanks so much.