Monday, August 23, 2010

Junk Mail Journal : Skulls

This is a page in my junk mail journal. Awhile back I made a little art journal from my junk mail. I gathered all the little postcards and cardstock weight ads that collected near my computer, cut the larger ones down to size, and punched and bound them into a little book.

I started cutting skulls from magazines and catalogs, and pasted them on the page. I added a layer of gesso tinted with a drop of blue acrylic paint to blend the background layer. I then drew skulls with pens and markers on pieces of junk mail and paper scraps, and pasted them all over the page

I count 61 skulls ... but I may add a few more if the mood strikes.


Doodle Daily said...

You need to share this with Noah at and tell him I sent you. If you haven't checked, his blog is amazing and it was the inspiration for my 365 day project. He will repost yoru skull pic and give you a plug.

I am loving your creativity of late.


cheryl said...

I'll round up my skull drawings and send them over, soon.
Thanks for the nice comments!