Thursday, August 12, 2010

Drawing Lab 1 : 30 cats

I finally got a copy of Drawing Lab for Mixed-Media Artists and started working on the assignments.   I will be posting my progress through the book here.

I draw cats all the time ... I wanted these to be different, so I used my non-dominant hand to draw all of them.   (The linework is much shakier in full size.)   The cats were drawn separately over the course of a week.   I then pasted them all together in one image for posting.

The cat marked with the purple arrow was the one I selected to "take further".   I took that tiny cat drawing and recreated it into an 8" x 8" mixed media piece.   I glued scrapbook paper onto a piece of cardboard, and used gesso, acrylic paint, ink, and colored pencil to finish it off.

"Ghost Cat with Bubbles"

I am enjoying the book so far & will post more soon!   If you are working through this book, feel free to post a link in the comments.   I would love to see what you're up to!


PAMELA said...

Hi Cheryl, I am enjoying seeing your work in progress with assignments from the drawing lab book. Recently I purchased it and have started (stopped, started, stopped) working with it. You might like to take a look at my cat and giraffe. Not as good as yours though, but fun to do. Keep working - I will check in from time to time. Pamela (from Sydney)

cheryl said...

Thanks so much Pamela. I think your giraffe is lovely. Your art quilts are fabulous. I will have to spend more time visiting your blog.