Wednesday, November 11, 2009

book mobile

Sadly, I didn't win the contest over at Doodlers Anonymous ... but I ended up with a pretty cool mobile & had a good time making it.
Even though the mobile looks fairly simple, it took me 3 days & about 15 hours to complete.   (Lots of time with clamping and gluing and cutting and painting and waiting for glue and paint to dry.)

I removed pages from the book "The Key to Midnight" and glued them to layers of recycled cardboard to add weight and thickness.   I then doodled and cut objects from the pages and cardboard.

Objects hanging from the book include: a spiderweb and spider, key and lock, skull and bone, moon and bat, and a grandfather clock with adjustable clock hands and swinging pendulum.

The rest of the book I shaped, clamped, glued and painted to create the mobile base.   I pierced through the spine and threaded a black satin ribbon for hanging.   I pierced through the sectioned areas, attached black wire loops from which to hang the elements.   The elements were hung with black quilting thread.

Minor details: the spiders eyes are enhanced with red glitter glue & reflect the light, the skull element features the chapter page from "chapter 13" on one side and "chapter 31" on the other side, the clock has adjustable hands and a swinging pendulum, the mobile measures about 22" from the top of the book to the lowest element.

The book mobile makes some really great wall shadows as it hangs and slowly rotates, and was a nice addition to my Halloween decorations.

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