Thursday, December 2, 2021

Junk Journal Page


I finished another page in my "Quarantine Junk Journal".  I started this junk journal in March 2020.  It measures about 8" tall by 6" wide and is about an inch thick.  It is assembled from a variety of papers (printed scrapbook papers, pages from an old sketchbook, puzzle book pages, junk mail, envelopes, brown paper, corrugated cardboard, plain typing paper, etc ...).

The page is mainly collage with printed scrapbook paper, clippings from periodicals, a bit of acrylic paint, doodles with Indian ink pens, gel pens, colored pencils, a packing tape transfer (the jar), a bit of washi tape, some stitching and a little satin bow.

The clippings include a little "Banksy" ... because it reminded me about swinging on the swings at Piedmont Park during the pandemic.  The jar that I added symbolizes my taking care to remain isolated.  Also, I selected a little news clipping about the Krispy Kreme Donut Shop being burned down by an arsonist (not once, but twice) during the pandemic.  This was the "icing on the pandemic cake", as Krispy Kreme was offering 1 free donut EVERY day if you showed a vaccine card.  This was the only Krispy Kreme within walking distance (my car died during the pandemic) ... and I would have REALLY appreciated the free donut each day.  

Strange times indeed.


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