Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Sketchbook Revival / Junk Journal

I assembled a new junk journal from a variety of papers (printed scrapbook papers, pages from an old sketchbook, puzzle book pages, junk mail, envelopes, brown paper, corrugated cardboard, plain typing paper, etc ...)  The journal size is 8" tall x 6" wide by about an inch thick.  I used my RubiCoilto punch and spiral bind the pages.

I am using this junk journal to participate in Sketchbook Revival 2020.  The first projects were Box Journaling And Blob Drawings! with Carla Sonheim and Having Fun While Sketching Food! with Charlie O'Shield. 
Here is one of my Blob drawings.  I scraped a blob of tan colored paint across the page with a card.  As Carla said, "You can add a beak and anything will become a bird."

Above is my watercolor cupcake.  I pretty much stink at watercolors, but this cupcake turned out a bit better than I expected. 

It's nice to have a free workshop with new project ideas to try during quarantine time.

I will show more pages of my junk journal as I continue in the Sketchbook Revival.  It is a 2 week workshop, which is FREE to join & you may participate as much or little as you like.

Here is what I used to punch my various pages for binding:

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