Monday, June 17, 2019

More Magilla

Art Collage in my gluebook "Magilla"
I had the itch to pull out my gluebook "Magilla" this weekend.  I noticed that my pages tend to fall into the same types of color themes (soft greens. blues, purples, etc..), so I decided to start the page with some random colors.  I pulled out 23 tubes of acrylic paint and used a random number selector to choose colors for me.

Each time a number was selected, I pulled the corresponding paint color and painted a swatch or two on the page.  When the page had a complete coat of paint, I started cutting words and images from my freebie paper stash (free local papers from the boxes around town).  After a bit of gluing, playing with oil pastels, and some paint stamping, I used a gold marker and a white paint pen to further embellish the page.

All in all, it felt good to play with random colors and see what happened.  I like this page much more than my previous page (shown below), which falls into one of my usual color themes.

Gluebook collage in "Magilla" notebook

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