Wednesday, June 22, 2016

ICAD - Index Card A Day Challenge: Day 21

ICAD challenge : my index card for Day 21.  PITT pens and Sharpie white paint pen.

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coffee : I drink about 7 cups of coffee each day.  All home brewed.  The coffee mug pictured reads "The ONLY person who Really Knows what's going on."  I was given this as a gift by my then boss.  (It was so true.)
Quaker bars : The last pack from a box of Quaker Breakfast Flats.  This was a freebie box from my local Kroger store. (Hooray! for freebie Friday coupons!)
cereal :  my special mix of 1/2 bran flakes and 1/2 Great Grains cereal with Silk Vanilla Soy milk.
grapes :  they were red seedless grapes and they were good.
melon :  seedless water melon - (Warning! may contain the occasional seed.)
veggie dog :  Smart dog on a whole wheat bun with mayo, ketchup and tons of onions.
pops : one chocolate fudge pop and one banana popsicle.  (my go-to dessert)

More info about ICAD can be found here:
Be sure to visit the Flickr ICAD group to see what others have created!

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