Friday, May 27, 2016

Syllabus : Random Characters

I finally got a copy of "Syllabus" by Lynda Barry.  It had been on my wish list since I first saw it.  So I am playing around with some of the exercises in the book.

This page of characters is based on the "Drawing Jam" exercise from pages 108-113.  I only wish I had a room full of people who wanted to do a drawing jam with me ...but I don't, so I had a solo "Drawing Jam".

I went to a couple of internet sites to generate some random occupations/characters.
Here is a good generator for occupations: 

Each character was drawn quickly with a non-photo blue pencil.  I came back later and inked them in with a black Flair pen.

I have also been doing "Daily Diary" pages in my composition book ... I'm hoping that I will get myself into the habit of drawing every day (like I did when I was younger).

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