Sunday, March 22, 2015

Colorful Doodle

This is what I doodled yesterday.  It is a piece of 12" x 9" watercolor paper.  I started with these old water based markers that I never use because they bleed and run and smear.  In this case, that is exactly what I wanted.  So, I covered the paper in blotches of color and then added water to blend them together and soften the edges.

Next I used my PITT Indian ink brush pens to add flower shapes, vines, and swirls here and there in various colors.

Then I used my Sharpie Gold Metallic pen to add some random leaf shapes, and my Sharpie white paint pen to add a little detail.

I covered the entire page with clear varnish to preserve the layer and keep the inks from smearing.

Next I used my black PITT Indian ink pens in different sized tips to detail the big flowers.  And another go round with the white paint pen to make things pop.  Finally, I used a little sparkly gel pen to add some shimmer.

I plan to cut this up to make pages for junk journals, ATC backgrounds, inchie backgrounds, etc...

I enjoyed the process & was happy to have some time for art on a Saturday afternoon.

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