Sunday, October 21, 2012

A quick little moleskine page for Autumn. Printed papers, freestyle cut leaves, punches, indian ink pens, colored pencils, and sandpaper.

I have been doing a wide variety of things lately ... bits and pieces in my books and journals, as well as working in a round of paper bag books in one of my art groups.

In the book shown below, themed "Full Color", I made some colorful string art for one page and used printed paper with colorful sequins and buttons to cover another. I also added a colorful doodled tag in the back pocket and tucked a small brightly colored jigsaw puzzle into the opening pocket between the pages.

In the book below, themed "Home Sweet Home", I made a paper collage with printed papers and buttons, doodles and glitter glue.  I added a little rhyme and a mini cross-stitched sampler.  The flap on the right hand side folds back to reveal more of the art.  I also included a tag in the book's front pocket.

Here is my plain little book, themed "Curiosities", which I sent out to make the rounds in the group.  I expect that it will look quite different when it is completed.

It is pretty basic. Brown paper bags sewn down the middle, with a decorative paper cover added.  Bits of pen detailing, stamping, and a few eyelets hammered through the cover.

I didn't decorate any pages except for starting a page for the artists to "Log-In".  I will be sure to post photos when the book returns to me.

 And that's some of what I have been up to lately!

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