Saturday, June 16, 2012

Fun with Wordles and Skaters and a Fly

I stumbled upon, and had a lot of fun playing with words!

Wordle lets you pop in any text you like & it creates a word cloud from your text.  You may also link it to a blog or any site that has an rss feed. 

I took the word cloud that Wordle made from the text of Poe's "The Raven", and added a few little embellishments to bring the raven to life.  What fun!

We had great weather here in Atlanta today, so I was out & about - enjoying the skating skills of the 5BORO guys from NY.   (fyi: those are edited photos, not sketches.)

Last and probably least ... I saw this cute little fly bugging the Pink Panther (lovin' those old cartoons on antenna tv) and doodled him in my hardcover sketchbook.

That was my Saturday ... I hope your Saturday was as much fun.

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