Saturday, January 7, 2012

Fun with MagicStamps

I finally had a chance to play with my Magic Stamps!

Magic Stamps are foam pieces that you heat with a heat gun, press into any textured item & they retain the impression.  Then you are able to use them as stamps.  You can reheat the foam and "erase" the texture and reuse them over and over.

I made stamps from buttons, a woven basket (top left), rice (lower left), a Whitman's tin (the barn image), and the dots are from the top of my cable box!

Magic Stamps are a fun & easy way to make some quick home-made stamps.  I see several textured objects around here now that I want to use to make stamps!


KNM said...

I just chanced upon your blog when I was surfing. Very creative art journals. I have never done an "Art Journal" and I hope to start one this year. Your blog is an inspiration for me.


cheryl said...

Thank so much. I enjoy trying new techniques in my art journals & they are fun to look back through over the years.