Friday, September 22, 2017

Composition Book : Colorful Animals

As part of my effort to try to draw something every day in my composition notebook, I combined a few exercises into one.  

I divided my page into 4 frames.  I looked at children's drawings online and drew similar animals with a non-photo blue pencil using my non-dominant hand.  I used a brush tip marker to ink them.  Next I used a fine tip marker to draw some type of background for each animal.

Then I grabbed 6 colored pencils with my eyes closed and proceeded to color the entire page.

I just love the bright and happy feeling this page gives me!

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

108 Quickly Doodled Objects

108 doodled objects
I saw an exercise posted somewhere about drawing 100 objects as a "stream of consciousness", taking about 5 seconds for each and moving on to the next.  So, I grabbed my non-photo blue pencil and my composition notebook & gave it a whirl.  

It took me 3 sittings to fill the page ... but I did draw the objects very quickly in pencil.  I spent a little more time inking them in with my pen.  I (of course) went "blank" a few times and looked around for ideas. 

I do see a "stream of consciousness" pattern in the drawings and I can see where I got stuck (between the toast and the butterfly, for example).  

I enjoyed the exercise & it's fun to see all the little doodles in my notebook.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Syllabus : Four X Four

I have been playing around with some of the exercises in the book "Syllabus" by Lynda Barry.  In this exercise, you are to divide a page into 16 boxes.  Select 4 nouns from one of your daily diary pages and draw each in a separate box in a column (45 seconds each in non-photo blue pencil).  Then draw each thing 3 more times from another viewpoint.  Ink them.  Now you have 16 new drawings! 

I have been neglecting my drawing~doodling time this year ... but am making an effort to draw more (of anything).

Here are some other folks I have run across who have done the "Four By Four" exercise:
... looking for more to add!!

Friday, July 7, 2017

Monday, July 3, 2017

Art-a-Thon Challenge

This weekend I have been playing in another Art-a-Thon and Challenge at  It runs through July 6th.  The challenge is somewhat of an artsy scavenger hunt.  You are given a list of themes, supplies, and challenges to make art & earn points for completing the various tasks.

For example, The ATC (artist trading card) shown above earned me 5 points!  I made the card for a combination of tasks: theme: cute monster, theme: bikini, craft: make paper flowers and use in your creation, and also a point for posting at least 1 finished project for the day.

Here are some more ATCs I made this weekend:
Hand drawn zebra - Indian ink and colored pencils. (theme: zoo, also theme: monochromatic).  I love the way this turned out. 
Doodle fish - Indian ink pen and marker. (theme: zentangle animal, also use markers, and I posted a "show and tell" about my process to make this card).
Skele-shrooms - Printed paper and fiber embedded paper collage with a sticker, magazine cut-outs, hand drawn mushrooms colored with ink and sparkly gel pens, and some detailing with Indian ink pen and paint pen. (theme: skeleton, theme: mushroom and butterfly, use magazine cut-outs).

There is also fast and wild trading going on.  I have traded most of my cards already (you get points for that,too).  At the end, prizes are awarded for the top scorers. But, who needs prizes?  It's just a lot of fun to play with all the artists!

Monday, June 19, 2017


Inchie Sized Kitty Cat Paper Doll
I have been participating in the Inchie-A-thon that is going on over at (which continues through Jun 22). 

Above is shown the coolest thing I made over the weekend.  An inchie sized (1" x 1") kitty cat paper doll.  The head, bow, legs, and tail are attached with mini brads.  It was surprisingly simple to make.

Below are a few of the other inchies I made so far:

Drawn mostly with Indian ink pens and colored pencils, a couple are collaged from printed images.  I have traded most of them & had lots of fun during the a-thon.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Collage for Tip In Swap

This is a 4" x 6" collage made from paper clippings, paper flowers, a sequin, decorative tape, with touches of Indian ink pens and a paint pen.  Made for the "Sketchbook Tip Ins ALL Mediums Athon" at (this art-a-thon continues through today)

I'm looking forward to the "Inchie-a-thon" that will be starting later this week!  It has been a long time since I made inchies and I really love the crazy pace of a good art-a-thon!

If you want more info about "art-a-thons" or "" just ask.